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Welcome to the homepage of the Friends of Pooh Webring.

Are you a friend of Pooh? If your web site has content realating to Winnie-the-Pooh and friends, you too can be a friend of Pooh! This webring was founded in 1997! Since Wering has been merged with Yahoo, you will need to have a Yahoo login in order to join. this is a fairly simple process. If you already have one, then you are half-way there!

We can't wait to ave you in the ring!

Join Now

Go here to join this webring. Remember you must have a "G"-rated site that has some Pooh-related content, or you will not be added to the ring.

Ring Hub
For members of the queue and the ring: edit your site information, ring links, optional ring fragments.

Email Me
I love to hear from you. Send all problems and praise to [email protected].

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