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Halfway between Pooh's house and Piglet's house was a Thoughtful Spot where they met sometimes when they decided to go and see each other. And as it was warm and out of the wind they would sit down there for a little and wonder what they would do now that they had seen each other. One day when they had decided not to do anything, Pooh made up a verse about it, so that everybody would know what the place was for.

thoughtful spot

Hallo. This is the first site I every made — back in 1997. Of course it looks a lot different now. Now I design websites for a living, so I don't always have time to update this one. But I will try my best and I hope you will enjoy it and share in my love for classic Pooh! Feel free to send your comments to me via email. Please don't ask me where to get Pooh merchandise... I don't keep up with that kind of thing.


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